Our Team

I can do things that you can not.
You can do things that I can not.
Together we can do great things.

Mother Teresa

The team of dentists

Agata Berkowicz-Hazner
The dentist
The softest hands of the team. Perfectionist in every detail. Her passion for cosmetic dentistry.
Paweł Hazner
The dentist
It deals with the treatment using a surgical microscope. His passion is periodontics and periochirurgia. He practices at Yeditepe University in Istanbul.
Daniel Berkowicz
The dentist
Mentor and source of knowledge dentistry. Graduate of Wroclaw Medical University from 1975. One of the founders of the Lower Silesian Chamber of Physicians.
Piotr Wójcik
Oral Surgeon
Good team spirit. His sense of humor put in a good mood even before a difficult surgery. Virtuoso forceps and a scalpel.
Tomasz Sikora
His passion are orthodontic braces
Aleksandra Ćwik
The dentist
Angel. Patient medic. Chlidren leves her.
Kamil Wojnar
The dentist
Thirst for knowledge

The team of hygienists and assistants

Sylwia Garycka

Magdalena Krzymińska

Natalia Kobus

Joanna Turkiewicz

Renata Gajewska

Karolina Nawrocka

Katarzyna Węglarz