Dental Surgery

Nowadays, dental surgery is not just for teeth removal. Modern surgical techniques allow the use of the full range of possibilities and trying to rescue the tooth before removal. Modern surgery treatments are also preparing for prosthetic treatment (art gum, lengthening clinical crowns) or orthodontic (corticotomy ,, uncovering of retained teeth). And what if you have exhausted all the possibilities and tooth qualifies for deletion? Then the work enters implantology, which assesses the conditions and opportunities implant.

Modern surgical techniques are also piezochirurgia, which uses ultrasound as an adjuvant technique or solely during the procedure and the acquisition of fibrin PRP from a patient's own blood, then centrifuged in a special centrifuge. This material is derived is ideally suited for use not only in surgery (as an ideal dressing pozabiegowy), but also during endodontic treatment.